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Don’t put your data cleanup on hold

Schedule your complimentary data checkup.

Delivering an efficient advisor experience requires a data strategy that eliminates missing data and the need to manually enter, reconcile, and report on data in/from multiple platforms. Our experts will assess your data life cycle and discuss how to develop an integrated data backbone that synchronizes financial and personal information uniformly across multiple account types and investment vehicles.

The importance of data quality

In an increasingly competitive space, advisors need accurate, up-to-date, and complete information to allow for faster decision-making. Advisor360° President Darren Tedesco and Chief Technology Officer Jed Maczuba discuss the process of ensuring data that aligns with your advisors’ expectations and business needs.

Ensure consistent information across data classes with high-quality data

Learn how we have evolved data management to help our clients.

Watch this video (1:33) to hear our SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Jed Maczuba, explain how data is the foundation of our platform.

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Help advisors offer their best advice amid wealth transfer, tax law, and regulation changes

Explore how our Unified Data Fabric™’s consolidated data layer can help you and your advisors negotiate the largest wealth transfer in history.

Watch this video (1:07) to hear our President, Darren Tedesco, explain the benefits of our Unified Data Fabric.

Increase advisor productivity with a unified data layer

Explore how financial advisors remove the burden of working across multiple wealth management applications.

Watch this video (1:29) to get our SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Jed Maczuba’s take on seeing all the platforms you use in one consolidated view.

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†Offer limited to wealth management firms with more than 750 financial advisors.

Get the most out of your tech stack. Request your 1-hour data checkup today.

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