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Richard Napolitano

Richard Napolitano is Advisor360°’s Chief Executive Officer, ensuring every team in the company is focused on a simple strategic vision: create outstanding WealthTech products for our clients’ success.
Rich Napolitano

Richard Napolitano

Buying wealth management applications from a software company

April 12, 2024

Technology | Transformation | Wealth management

Rich Napolitano

Richard Napolitano

What it takes to build an enterprise-class software company

September 1, 2022

SaaS | Compliance | Enterprise security

Rich Napolitano

Richard Napolitano

A coming of age story

June 16, 2022

SaaS | Technology | Wealth management

Two blue buildings and an icon of a person in front of a bar chart graphic representing growth from left to right.

Richard Napolitano

A company has been born...

June 7, 2021

Insurance | SaaS | Revenue

Two business people in dark blue suits talking in the hallway of a white office.

Richard Napolitano

Building an independent WealthTech company

March 11, 2021

SaaS | Transformation | Wealth management

Five bar graphs with an illustrated butterfly in the right foreground.

Richard Napolitano

Digital transformation and the paradox of choice

January 11, 2021

Data and analytics | Transformation | Wealth management

Two people in suits sitting together and looking at a computer screen in an office setting.

Richard Napolitano

Advisor360°’s wealth management superpowers

August 5, 2020

Productivity | Transformation | Wealth management

Three people in business attire sitting to have a conversation in an office setting.

Richard Napolitano

Building stronger wealth management relationships

June 19, 2020

SaaS | Productivity | Technology