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Extraordinary systematic care

Unwavering service and support for your wealth management firm

We work to understand your goals and adapt as your business evolves. We call our unwavering service and support “extraordinary systematic care”—a service obsession that runs through every part of our organization.

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Here for clients today into tomorrow

Extraordinary systematic care means learning about your business, understanding your needs, proactively responding, and assuring success.


We value your data, your business, and the services we provide—we prove it every day by exceeding service and support expectations. We have the technical know-how to help you achieve your digital transformation. Our teams come from financial services, enterprise infrastructure, and SaaS product backgrounds, so they can anticipate your needs and help you achieve success. 


Our teams follow industry best practices and deploy state-of-the-art tools and systems daily to monitor your use and experience. Our team proactively measures, documents, and reports findings at every touch point, ensuring we respond to every event and continually learn to improve our capabilities.


Our people show empathy, awareness, and a focused interest when responding to your urgent needs. We strive to ensure your satisfaction by understanding your experience and consistently improving results.

We understand you

Teams and processes that anticipate and adapt to evolving needs.

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Customer Success team

Our Customer Success team collaborates with you to ensure success from roadmapping to onboarding to go-live.


We work to cultivate a strong partnership, taking every opportunity to deliver a platform and services that solve for pain points and ensure continuous operation.

Performance measurement
Performance measurement

Our service and support metrics ensure our systems and processes align with and exceed your requirements.


Our service and support

Responsive, tech-assisted support from FinTech and enterprise SaaS experts.

Tech assisted

We leverage ServiceNow® to automate service workflows from incident origination through resolution while providing complete visibility through our teams. Through communication platforms from Microsoft® and Slack, including chat and other online workspaces, we identify and resolve issues collaboratively with our partners and clients. And we deploy advanced monitoring and alerting teams like Dynatrace to receive timely notification of issues and react in advance of client detection or to minimize impact.

SLA-backed responses

Our service and support structure minimizes interruption, assures transparency, and is bound by contractual SLAs based on jointly defined and objective incident severities. We can ensure constant contact with clients and partners via email, text, and phone 24x7x365 to assist with business-critical activities.

Retrospective improvement

We conduct regular reviews to assess critical incidents that may impact where and how we improve our products, people, and processes to eliminate future incidents.

Enterprise management

Our practices, processes, and procedures ensure compliance with SLAs covering uptime, performance, and overall system integrity.

Data Center Ops
Data center operations

We host all information in dedicated in- and out-of-state co-location data centers and carefully managed cloud-based repositories. Our SaaS services and data assets are protected through sophisticated disaster recovery facilities that anticipate everything from simple equipment failures to major incidents. We ensure our infrastructure is operational, secure, monitored, and accessible per strict SLAs.


Our infrastructure and applications adhere to all corporate security policies. We configure and deploy third-party vendor platforms from Palo Alto Networks®, Radware®, Microsoft®, Proofpoint®, Cisco®, Check Point®, and many others to ensure the security of your data and our platform.

business continuity and data protection
Business continuity and data protection

Our archive and backup practices ensure that your critical data is protected and available. Infrastructure deployment standards ensure equipment deploys according to availability and fault tolerance design goals. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans confirm that our back office systems and SaaS platform avoid, contain, and recover from the most severe impact scenarios.

change management
Change management

We are versed in managing production enterprise environments that adhere to industry-standard ITSM practices. Our use of ServiceNow ensures operational changes are reviewed and coordinated with downstream consumers while limiting any impacts to your business.


We have developed and deployed a monitoring infrastructure with tools from Dynatrace, SolarWinds®, VMware®, and many others. All allow visibility into the health and status of physical and logical entities like computer network, virtual and storage infrastructure, critical internal and external business applications, and our core SaaS platform.