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Insurance agent speaking with a client.

Help insurance agents secure household futures

The U.S. is experiencing the biggest wealth transfer in history.1 As trillions of dollars change hands post-pandemic, insurance agents are seeing a commensurate increase in demand for financial advice. Heirs are looking for guidance on their complete financial lives™ and the lives of their loved ones.

Your agents must integrate protection and wealth management

People seek out agents who understand their needs and offer personalized guidance for their families. Unfortunately, most insurance agents can’t credibly weigh in on the whole picture for all family members and situations because of the legacy technologies they have in place.

How many of these problems sound familiar?

Only a hyper-personalized approach showing your clients’ complete financial outlook can enhance communications and enable recommendations for optimal outcomes within your agents’ households.

Limited details on products not sold by your firm

Manual entry of held-away assets


Investment details in different platforms

The lack of a seamless login experience for agents’ clients

Pending policies in a different platform from existing policies

Inability to see annuities and all insurance products in a single dashboard

Few details on the financial lives of all household members

Spending days or weeks preparing client meetings

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True wealth management encompasses insurance, banking, and investments

Unify your financial advisors’ protection and wealth data, integrate their applications, and provide time-saving workflows.

Watch this video (1:51) to learn how to view a household’s investment, banking and insurance portfolios seamlessly in one fully consolidated wealth platform.

Wealth management insights

We’re seeing a wave of technological change driven by firms reinventing themselves. Part of this reinvention includes breaking down enterprise barriers to unify all lines of business and ensure that wealth management is inclusive of retirement planning, risk and insurance planning, investments, accounting, taxes, estate planning, and so on.

Alois Pirker, Director, Wealth Management Practice, Aite-Novarica Group

Making longevity planning sustainable

With over one in 10 Americans now caring for a parent2, more baby boomers in or nearing decumulation3, and a rise in multigenerational families within the U.S.4, your agents must manage accounts within the same household to create wealth and protection strategies that see clients through the long haul.

Watch this video (1:15) to see how CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Patrick Noonan shares the essentials for how Advisor360°’s technology helps you and your insurance agents develop successful retirement and legacy plans.

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Wealth management insights

It’s no secret that the wealth management technology landscape is highly fragmented and complex. Most broker-dealers who plan to transform legacy tech stacks don’t want to be paralyzed by endless choices. Having all they need in one platform, without more than they need, is where the industry is heading.

Dennis Gallant, Strategic Advisor, Aite-Novarica Group

Insurance broker-dealer transformation: navigating a path forward

If your wealth management advisors don’t have an insurance perspective, they can’t help their households create true wealth management plans. Read Insurance broker-dealer transformation: navigating a path forward to explore how integrated technologies enabling a look at a customer’s complete financial life can transform the role of insurance agents.

Meet a few of our experts

Our wealth management experts are here to guide you through today’s wealth transfer complexities. Explore the trends compelling insurance broker-dealers to re-examine how a product-centric focus and technology can accelerate insurance agents’ transformation to wealth managers who provide holistic financial planning advice and solutions.

Patrick Noonan

Patrick Noonan
Product Manager, Wealth Management

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Technology will continue to disrupt the insurance business. Learn why insurance broker-dealers must follow in the footsteps of other industries and integrate data into their back office technologies if they’re going to compete.

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A couple speaking with their insurance agent.
Jennifer Sawan

Jennifer Sawan
Director of Product Management, Advisor & Client Experience

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Advisor360° was honored among ThinkAdvisor’s inaugural LUMINARIES Class of 2021 for our FinTech and innovation with Unified Data Fabric™ (UDF). Learn what this award means for the firm, what UDF can do for broker-dealers, and the latest trends in data processing.

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Insurance flow illustration.
Michele Doyle

Michele Doyle
VP, Enterprise Data & Analytics


Many broker-dealers seek to adopt unified managed household technologies, but data complexity makes building holistic platforms extremely complex. Discover how our Unified Data Fabric simplifies data connections so that you can provide insights that enable good decision-making and help financial advisors grow their business.

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You can drive the change in insurance

Your agents can securely unify all business lines from insurance to retirement to investments. Discover how implementing the right technology boosts agent efficiency and productivity, reduces compliance risk, and increases assets under advisement.

We’re committed to your security

Protecting the integrity of your sensitive household information (including both PII and PHI) is vital. Learn about our commitment to building and maintaining a safe, enterprise-grade WealthTech platform that ensures data remain secure and protected.

Let’s talk

Contact us to learn how our platform can help your agents improve communications and enable recommendations in the best interest of households.

1 Eisen, Ben and Tergesen, Anne. “Older Americans Stockpiled a Record $35 Trillion. The Time Has Come to Give It Away.” The Wall Street Journal. July 2, 2021.
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