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Merge our open, integrated platform and its solutions into your tech stack.

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2024 Connected Wealth Report

92% of the advisors say they would switch firms over bad tech.

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Advisor experience

A more connected private wealth advisor software

Create a centralized advisor experience and efficient workflows using our private wealth advisor software.

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The problems we solve

Have you or your advisors ever experienced any of these problems?

Inconsistent data

Point solutions with unique data lead to information being represented differently across systems.

“Swivel chair” across multiple applications

Advisors have no centralized experience, requiring them to log into multiple applications that cause duplicative data entry.

Lack of automation

Disparate systems that are not integrated lead to inefficient, manual workflows.

Outdated legacy technology

Advisors are frequently let down by outdated wealth management technology and the lack of new functionality.

Missed opportunities to increase revenue

With disparate systems and no unified data layer, it is difficult to gather analytics and insights to drive growth.

Change Management
Integrating with your technology stack

Integrating your technology stack takes scarce resources, and yet there are high costs for not doing it or not doing it properly.

The technology of a firm acts as an extension of the practice

Have you ever lost business from either a prospect or an existing client because your wealth management technology capabilities did not meet expectations?

92% of advisors surveyed are willing to switch firms over bad tech

44% of advisors surveyed have already left over bad tech

Advisor preferences and perceptions about technology present an opportunity for firms. To prevent losing advisors and their clients, wealth management firms need to accept that now is the time to implement the right technology.

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See how you stack up against your peers.

Our solution

Increase productivity with configurable advisor dashboards and automated workflows.

Our holistic wealth management platform provides practice- and household-level dashboards that are made up of configurable, persona-based widgets that facilitate better decision-making.

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Access real-time holdings, activity, and profile information with compliant storage for books and records.

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Provide flexibility and efficiency to advisors by leveraging a suite of popular integrations with efficient single sign-on and bi-directional data flows.

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See a complete view of all life, long-term care, disability, and annuities alongside your investments, simplifying communication about key details like riders and beneficiaries.

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Contact management and activity tracking

Utilize integrations with popular CRMs or leverage Advisor360°’s out-of-the-box functionality, creating a foundation for efficient data flow and relationship management.

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Reporting and analytics

Gain in-depth reporting that provides insights into sales opportunities, helping to grow your business.

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Our platform seamlessly aggregates, cleanses, reconciles, and enriches all data from your internal systems and third parties. This ensures it is of the highest quality before being presented consistently to all who interact with the information—making it easier to obtain insights and make decisions—and powering your private wealth advisor software experience.

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