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Client portal

Increase collaboration with our client wealth portal

Help your advisors foster digital collaboration with their clients by leveraging our client wealth portal.

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Provide clients a single, holistic lens of their complete financial lives

Our easily configurable client portal, Investor360°, offers real-time holdings, balances, and more, helping clients make informed decisions confidently.

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The problems we solve

Have you or your advisors ever experienced any of these problems?

Digital collaboration challenges

Your advisors struggle to engage with clients across all generations and provide them core information regarding their accounts when they need it.

Fragmented client experience

Advisors’ clients often have multiple applications or logins needed to get a full picture of their financial lives.

Poor prospecting experience

Prospects have limited transparency into what the onboarding process will be like, leaving them with many questions and concerns around their status.

Data inconsistencies

Disparate systems that leverage similar data can present inconsistent values to advisors’ clients, creating questions and concerns.

Inefficient client account maintenance

Manual data gathering processes require advisors to maintain client account information by hand.

The most important aspects of a client’s connected digital wealth experience

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Ability to see a complete, consolidated view of their financial lives across all products (banking, investment, and insurance)
Anytime, anywhere access to their financial accounts

Our solution

Get a holistic view of your advisors’ clients.


The Advisor360° client portal provides your advisors’ clients with a holistic view of their portfolio of investments, insurance policies, financial plans, and outside accounts, fostering digital collaboration with advisors.


Ongoing account maintenance can be put in the hands of the client, allowing them to update their profile with additional personal information including goals, alternative contact information, and information on other household members.


First impressions are critical. Our platform creates online access for prospective clients to get them engaged from the start by collecting profile and account information. The data entered via the prospect portal is immediately available to the advisor, creating efficiencies in the proposal generation and account opening process.

Ready to get started?

See how our client wealth portal can increase collaboration, deepen relationships, and streamline the account maintenance process.