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Unify data across financial wealth management platforms

Optimize existing investments and unify data across all systems in the technology stack with our open wealth management platform. With technology partners spanning across categories, we create a frictionless, 360-degree view of households.

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Open and integrated systems

Advisor360° Chief Executive Officer Rich Napolitano and Chief Technology Officer Jed Maczuba discuss what the industry really wants from technology providers (hint: integrated solutions). Learn what integration responsibilities you should expect from your tech provider.

Watch this video (3:27) to learn how to manage the tech integration process.

The benefits of an open, integrated wealth management platform

Select the integrations you need and leverage unified data across all elements of the tech stack.

Assembling, maintaining, and running a wealth management enterprise software system using multiple third-party solution providers results in a burdensome “swivel chair” data process. Closed all-in-one solution providers can improve the data entry/data layer experience, but only by replacing current investments and starting from scratch.

Our open, integrated wealth management software optimizes horizontal technology investments, including CRM, powering them with a common data layer to increase advisor productivity. That’s good business.

With less friction in the process, your advisors leverage tools as power users and spend more time on planning and relationship building.

Work with your existing tech

Powered by our Unified Data Fabric® (UDF), our open and integrated platform architecture complements the applications you already rely on.

Advisor360° Platform

Data Feeds

Contact Data

Accounts and Trusts




Tax Reporting

Advisor Information

CRM Activities



Account Opening

CRM Integration Engine




Tax and Finance

Explore our integrations

Optimize existing investments and unify data across all systems in the technology stack to accelerate account planning and creation, expand access to research, and simplify tax and personal finance management.

Review the CRM integration engine, insurance, planning, research, and tax and finance categories to learn how our open wealth management platform can integrate with your system.

CRM integration engine

Connect to the CRM platform you’re currently using

Our powerful CRM integration engine connects seamlessly to your CRM of choice, whether that is Salesforce, Redtail*, or even a proprietary system. We also offer integration/synchronization at the Microsoft Office 365/on-prem Microsoft Exchange level, so you can leverage the investments you have already made to their fullest.

*Coming in the first half of 2024


Leverage our insurance marketplace to facilitate and track new account openings

We provide efficient insurance product opening workflows to automate and monitor new sales, improve business efficiency, and produce faster growth for your advisors’ practices. Advisors initiate an account opening using our digital onboarding capability that automatically pre-fills data on required forms sent directly to iPipeline®, FireLight®, or Coverpath. Advisors then select from a breadth of insurance products within these configurable warehouses to complete the new account opening process and electronically request required client signatures.

Principal review teams are automatically notified when client-signed variable annuity documents are available. Advisors seamlessly monitor other pending policies directly in the Advisor360° platform alongside existing policies and access completed packets in our document vault to complete the workflow.


Streamline creation of financial plans by seamlessly exporting household data into a preferred planning tool

Our platform is pre-integrated with leading financial planning tools, including MoneyGuidePro® and RightCapital. Our integrated document vault enables simplified and secure sharing of financial plans with clients, as well as a consolidated view of your financial plan with other key documents and reports. Export household data into eMoney or other planning tools with a single click, reducing manual data entry and improving data accuracy.

Data passed from Advisor360° to planning tools includes:

  • Household demographic information
  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Liabilities
  • Aggregated data
  • Other assets

Access leading market, corporate, and industry research

We integrate with industry-leading market data firms, providing easy access to market, corporate, and industry research. We offer single sign-on access to Argus Research Company, Value Line, Broadridge®, and CFRA Research. Integration with Morningstar® Advisor Workstation℠ provides full access to tools and one-click export of holdings, as well as the import of individual snapshot reports. We also partner with FactSet®, providing benchmark data, pricing, and other security reference data.

We also pull account balances, holdings, and transactions from National Financial Services and send them to Quicken® for personal financial management purposes.

Tax and finance

Facilitate client tax preparation with tax and personal finance management software integrations

Our platform connects seamlessly with leading tax preparation tools, including TaxAct®, TurboTax®, and H&R Block®. Tax data for a household is automatically imported into the tax software, pre-filling relevant fields to reduce manual data entry and improve data accuracy. Data passed from Advisor360° to tax preparation tools includes current tax year requirements on 1099 data.

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The importance of partner ecosystems for all-in-one solutions

You need to weave together the best technology stack for your advisors. Advisor360° Chief Executive Officer Rich Napolitano and Chief Technology Officer Jed Maczuba discuss our approach to helping you leverage your investments.

Watch this video (1:19) to learn how we can integrate with and maximize your existing tech.

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about our integrated wealth management software designed to improve advisor productivity.

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