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Books and records

Solve your wealth management data issues

Provide your advisors with wealth management data storage that meets compliance with our Books and Records solution.


The problems we solve

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Data in multiple systems

Collecting data from multiple disparate systems is a challenge. This incompatible data must be assembled to verify single transactions for auditors.

Compliance with evolving regulations

It is costly to keep legacy technology compliant with new regulations and risky not to store required records appropriately to prepare an aggregated data view for audits.

Maintaining legacy systems

It is expensive to maintain legacy books and records systems. Allocating scarce resources to this work takes time away from other research and development.

Time-consuming advisor onboarding

For many home offices, it can be time consuming to manually update and maintain advisor profile information, including licenses and contact information.


It is expensive and slow to generate paper statements.

Integrating with your technology stack

Integrating your technology stack with books and records takes scarce resources, and yet there are high costs for not doing it or not doing it properly.

What are the key challenges you face with your existing technology setup?

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Our solution

We offer compliant data storage and workflows in a household view. Learn about our complete Books and Records solution.


Our solution provides data storage, mailing, reporting, and approvals needed to stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and simplify discovery for audits. Our WORM-compliant solution is continually updated to meet the most up-to-date regulatory standards for retention, management, and availability of data.


It is powered by our proprietary Unified Data Fabric® (UDF) to aggregate, cleanse, reconcile, and enrich data from any source, combining it into a single format and eliminating the need for multiple disparate systems. This creates a single source of truth to provide accuracy, consistency, and validity among your data.

Ready to get started?

Learn how our Books and Records solution provides your advisors with wealth management data storage that meets complex regulatory standards.