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Account opening and oversight

Account opening for efficient wealth management

Remove cumbersome processes with an efficient wealth management solution that speeds up the account opening process.

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Save your advisors time and increase efficiency with Digital Onboarding

Advisor360°’s award-winning solution accommodates your firm’s specific requirements, reducing the amount of NIGOs and time spent processing data.

Watch this video (1:36) to discover how our Digital Onboarding solution can create more meaningful client-advisor collaboration.

The problems we solve

Do any of these issues sound familiar?

Too many NIGOs

Complicated data collection requirements result in costly NIGO (Not in Good Order) submissions, dramatically increasing processing time.

Manual form fills

Lengthy manual form fills from multiple systems slow down the onboarding process. When systems ask for irrelevant information that’s been provided elsewhere, data errors and inconsistencies start to arise.

Multiple logins

Disconnected point solutions require multiple logins in separate tools to open accounts, creating an inefficient process.

Multiple documents to be signed

Account-related forms are conveniently sent individually to clients rather than in a bundle.

Manual principal approval processing

Manual processing of suitability review requires multiple steps by the home office for account approval without a central process.

Regulatory changes

Keeping up to date with new regulations is time consuming and costly.

I opened my first account yesterday—an IRA—and Digital Onboarding is a game changer!

Joan Bernardi | Crabtree Financial Services

Award-winning Digital Onboarding solution

Learn about our complete account opening and oversight solution.

Industry Awards Winner Trophy

Our flexible solution allows accounts and policies to be opened with straight-through processing. Our configurable interface with automatic pre-fills and forms that require just the minimal data entry dramatically reduces the time to open insurance, annuity, and investment accounts. Customizable data collection and validation enriches the experience and reduces exceptions in processing and NIGOs.

Our award-winning Digital Onboarding is surrounded by a robust data collection process and a proposals and workflow system for a complete account opening and oversight solution.

  • Data collection engine powered by our Unified Data Fabric® (UDF)
  • Proposal tool enabling financial advisors to generate proposals based on plan recommendations
  • Flexible integrations with workflow tools, CRMs, and managed account providers

Our UDF aggregates, cleanses, reconciles, and enriches data from any source and organizes it into a unified household structure. This configurable data collection and validation enriches the client experience and reduces exceptions in processing. By using our Digital Onboarding solution, you remove the need for re-keying input and potential errors. This increases data accuracy and speeds up account completion.

Celent Solutions Report

Experts agree on Advisor360˚’s digital onboarding solution

“The proposed Advisor360° Onboarding and NAO (new account opening) application will be transformative. The solution will resolve one of the most pressing industry pain points.”

In-depth analysis of Advisor360˚’s digital onboarding solution conducted by Celent’s Head of Wealth Management, Jean Sullivan.

Access the full Celent report

The new Digital Onboarding capability is definitely a modern and efficient experience.

Sue Romaine | Blue Hills Wealth Management

The impact of digital onboarding

There is no debate, advisors agree that digital onboarding is a significant contributor to not just the future of wealth management but the present. See how you stack up against your peers.

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