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Our WealthTech Platform

Our platform powers operational efficiencies throughout your entire business. With a configurable, easy-to-use interface, our platform adapts to the way users work—no matter the operating system, browser, or device—to reduce the burden on your teams and advisors.

The most holistic digital experience in WealthTech

We ingest, normalize, and enrich data through data feeds and API libraries and present results through a clean, modern user experience.

It starts with a cohesive, dynamic data foundation

Without quality data, nothing else matters. Our proprietary Unified Data Fabric™ (UDF) cleans, normalizes, and perfects the data on which our platform is built.


Bi-directional integrations streamline operations

We provide seamless data and contextual integration with third-party systems.

Bi-directional integration

Modern digital experience

Our user experience lets your teams, your advisors, and their clients find the precise information they need with configurable dashboards and tools.

user interface
Our clients

With the Advisor360° platform, the data across all functions and systems is now accessible in one secure location, allowing us to better serve our financial professionals.

Head of Wealth Management

Three integrated portals for a seamless workflow

Our platform delivers significant productivity benefits and efficiency gains for your teams, your advisors, and their clients.

Advisor portal

Your advisors want to spend less time on administrative tasks and manual processes while spending more time working with clients. Advisor360° seamlessly gives your advisors a single point of access to client households, accounts, policies, and other data and applications in a deeply integrated digital platform. With one click, advisors can easily prepare for client meetings and provide recommendations in the best interest of clients.

Core components

  • Dashboards/Configurable Widgets
  • Client and Performance Reporting
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Financial Planning/Proposals
  • Portfolio Management (Trading/Models/Rebalancing)
  • Insurance
  • Contact Management
  • Alerts/Workflow
  • Account/Policy Maintenance
  • Business Analytics
  • Imaging (Documents)
  • Mobile App


Client portal

Clients want a complete view of their financial life. Advisors can quickly set permissions for portal components including real-time account balances, market data, performance values, and reports to help clients focus on information with the most significant financial impact.

Core components

  • Dashboard
  • Consolidated/Performance Reporting
  • Data Aggregation
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance
  • Secured Messaging
  • Document Vault
  • Tax/Finance Integration
  • Books and Records
  • Mobile App
  • Advisor Branding
  • Real-Time Market Data


Home office portal

Streamline your broker-dealer and assist your advisors in all aspects of their business—from client onboarding to trade processing to ensuring compliance to fee billing. Deliver efficient advisor client services, featuring configurable workflows, straight-through processing for fast information exchange, and automated tasks that eliminate manual errors.

Core components

  • Digital Onboarding/MSA
  • Workflows
  • Principal Approval/Suitability
  • Advisor Profiles
  • Reporting
  • Configuration Manager
  • Compliance/Surveillance
  • Trade/Order Management
  • Entitlements Manager
  • Imaging (Documents)
home offfice dashboard