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Our WealthTech Platform

Our platform powers operational efficiencies throughout your entire business. With a configurable, easy-to-use interface, our platform adapts to the way users work—no matter the operating system, browser, or device—to reduce the burden on your teams and advisors.

The most holistic digital experience in WealthTech

We curate data through advanced API and present results through a clean, modern interface.

Data collection

Our proprietary Unified Data Fabric™ (UDF) cleans, normalizes, and perfects the data on which our platform is built.



Our Integration Exchange API curates insights from external feeds, third-party partners, and our platform.

Bi-directional integration

User interface

Our modern UI lets you and your advisors find the precise information you need with customizable dashboards and tools.

user interface

Unified Data Fabric™

Our Unified Data Fabric is the foundation of our platform - clearing, normalizing, and enriching data from hundreds of sources.

Advisor360° Essentials

Our core Advisor360° Essentials offering includes:

  • Unified Data Fabric™
  • Advisor portal (includes dashboard; client hierarchy; insurance; performance & client reporting; real-time quotes & charts)
  • Third-party software integrations

Advisor360° Extended

Everything in Advisor360° Essentials, plus:

  • Deeper advisor experience (proposal creation; trading; model management/rebalancing; analytics)
  • Client portal with digital engagement tools (includes compliant text messaging and account aggregation)
  • Home office trading workflow
  • Quicken®/TurboTax®/H&R Block®/TaxAct® integrations

Advisor360° Enterprise

Everything in Advisor360° Extended, plus:

  • Deepest advisor experience with digital onboarding and fee billing
  • Enterprise workflow system
  • Imaging
  • Account maintenance tools
  • Compliance management

Data is the core of the platform

We believe high-quality data is the lifeblood of wealth management. It deserves to be intelligently processed, intuitively presented, and doggedly protected.

Our experts know how to unify data from hundreds of sources across any wealth type, including a financial account, real estate, insurance policy, beneficiary information, investment, or health savings account. We deliver a consistent view across applications and eliminate the swivel chair management many advisors contend with.

How many of these problems sound familiar?

Our configurable offerings meet immediate needs across investment, insurance, and banking products and grow with your business. Each offering eliminates the need to rely on:



Using technology that was included with clearing firm arrangements and didn’t meet your needs


Assembling vendor solutions to build a custom integration that has to be maintained



Building a complex solution that was time consuming and didn’t accomplish the main objective

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Our platform is centered around delivering high-quality data

Learn how we have evolved data management to help our clients.

Watch this video (1:29) to hear our CTO, Jed Maczuba, explain how data is the core of our platform.

Pioneering a household-based data model

Our platform is built on a household-based data model. We don’t treat advisors’ clients separately.

We solved the inherent data challenges of building a household data model a long time ago. In our model, a household refers to individuals grouped by relationships rather than account numbers. For example, an advisor’s client, their partner, and their children could be one household.

Wealth management insights

If you don’t have data as a clean, solid foundation that is consistent across the various applications, you are potentially building software on a house of cards.

Darren Tedesco, President,

How Advisor360° continues to innovate

How Advisor360° continues to innovate

A comprehensive wealth management platform must be built on a solid data foundation.

Watch this video (2:03) to learn more.

Jed Maczuba

Jed Maczuba
SVP, Chief Technology Officer

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Negotiating data from disparate sources is complex. Learn how the seamless aggregation of data within one platform ensures information is easily consumable so your advisors can provide their clients with deeper, more meaningful insights.

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