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Client reviewing our software.
Unified Data Fabric

Provide meaningful insights with our wealth management software

Help your advisors provide more meaningful insights. Our proprietary Unified Data Fabric® (UDF) seamlessly aggregates all types of data from hundreds of digital platforms to curate information your advisors’ clients can more easily understand and use.

Drive outcomes with technology designed for a connected digital wealth experience

What is our Unified Data Fabric®?

UDF is a proprietary data model that aggregates and enriches all types of data from hundreds of sources and consolidates it into a rich, unified format that makes it more accurate, quicker, and easier to get insights and make decisions using our product to manage the digital wealth experience.

Data across all products including investments, banking, and insurance.

Data that is cleansed and consistent so it means the same thing across multiple sources.

Data that is timely to ensure it remains usable and accurate in the face of relentless change.

Data integrated into a complete and comprehensive household view .


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Empower advisors

Decisions and results cannot come from data that is inconsistent and disconnected and from software that is hard to manage and use. Our technology leverages a proprietary approach to simplify and unify data to empower smarter, faster decisions.

Watch this (1:33) video to hear our CTO, Jed Maczuba, discuss the benefits of high-quality data.

What digital wealth experiences are powered by the UDF technology?

Our technology makes it more accurate, quicker, and easier for you and your advisors to do your jobs: Portfolio management, financial planning, investing, trading, rebalancing and contact management. Time-saving workflows improve productivity.

Our householding construct

We base our UDF on households: a group of accounts connected through a family relationship across one or many generations. Householding helps your advisors look at larger groups holistically so their financial recommendations are made with greater accuracy.


Practice management

Advisors prospect new clients, predict churn, manage risk and compliance, and reduce the burden of manual operations with timely, clean data within their domain and the platform ecosystem.


Product enablement

With better information in hand, advisors create digestible reports to have more productive conversations with clients, plan portfolio distribution, sell more products, and improve ongoing service.

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Increase advisor efficiency with household data combined in one platform

Our household data model is product agnostic. It brings in wealth data to create an efficient, holistic view for your advisors.

Watch this short video (1:29) to hear Advisor360° President Darren Tedesco share his perspective on unifying household data for financial advisors.

Powered by UDF

Learn more about how our platform, powered by UDF, empowers smarter, faster decisions.