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Unified Data FabricTM

Help your advisors provide more meaningful insights. Our proprietary Unified Data Fabric (UDF) seamlessly aggregates all types of data from hundreds of digital platforms to curate information your advisors’ clients can more easily understand and use.

Data served your way

Wealth management data are often siloed by account, person, and function. Our UDF foundation ends the silos by pulling and cleaning data from hundreds of external feeds, third-party partners, and our platform. With our suite of tools, we deliver information the way you, your advisors, and their clients want it.

Advisor/Client Experience


  • Dashboard
  • Portfolio/performance reporting/QPRs
  • CRM/office workflow 
  • Trading/models/rebalance
  • Proposals
  • Planning (goals, etc.)
  • Fee billing
  • Imaging (documents)
  • Insurance
  • Operational actions/reporting/alerts
  • Data analytics
  • Mobile app


  • Entitlement-based
  • Portfolio/performance
  • Account aggregation
  • Document vault
  • Paperless preferences 
  • Secured messaging
  • Real-time quotes/charts
  • Quicken/Turbo Tax/TaxAct/etc.
  • Insurance
  • Advisor branding
  • Mobile app

Home Office Experience


  • Workflow
  • Imaging (documents)
  • Account maintenance & ops
  • Trade desk order management
  • Entitlement systems
  • Compliance management

Our Unified Data Fabric is the foundation of our platform—cleaning, normalizing, and enriching data from hundreds of sources.

Our householding construct

We base our UDF on households: a group of accounts connected through a family relationship across one or many generations. Householding helps your advisors look at larger groups holistically, so their financial recommendations are made with greater accuracy.

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Practice management

Advisors prospect new clients, predict churn, manage risk and compliance, and reduce the burden of manual operations with timely, clean data within their domain and the platform ecosystem. 

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Product enablement

With better information in hand, advisors create digestible reports to have more productive conversations with clients, plan portfolio distribution, sell more products, and improve ongoing service.