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Our Unified Data Fabric™ is at the heart of everything we do to build trust and protect the house. With our commitment to building and maintaining a safe, dependable, enterprise-grade WealthTech platform, you can trust that our technologies—and your data—remain secure and protected.

Advisor360° platform security 

We’re committed to protecting data under our stewardship. Whether you are an enterprise customer, financial advisor, or investor, we recognize and understand the trust placed in us and our responsibility in protecting your data.  

Accessing the Advisor360° platform  

All users have their own unique User ID and password combination along with multi-factor authentication to increase the level of assurance that only authorized users have access to the Advisor360° platform. 

Protecting your data 

When accessing our platform either through the website or mobile application, all communications are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). Likewise, from a data-at-rest perspective, all data stored in our systems is encrypted by default to add another layer of protection.   

Third-party assessments 

In addition to our own internal security testing, we conduct regular penetration tests using a trusted third-party to evaluate the strength of our platform’s security posture. Our platform complies with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Trust Services Principles and is SOC 2 and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certified. 

Our leadership

We are laser focused on providing our customers with the best technology experience possible. Through our robust cybersecurity program, we ensure your data is protected at all times.

Alex Cunningham, SVP, Chief Information Security Officer

Our cybersecurity approach

Security based on industry best practices and standards. We invest heavily in technology, our people, and processes to ensure the best possible protection and service. 

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Security by design

Cybersecurity best practices are implemented in our infrastructure and platform development from initial design to feature and function rollouts, ensuring the best protections are in place from the start.

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Proactive defense and monitoring

Proactive 24x7 security monitoring and alerting ensures the integrity of the platform and data. Our multiple layers of network-based security technologies work together to identify, block, and report suspicious activity. Our security analytics and automation technologies allow us to baseline normal behavior to identify and respond to suspicious behavior quickly.

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Risk-aware culture

We ensure our staff has the best possible awareness of cybersecurity threats. We carry out a host of all-staff and role-specific awareness initiatives, such as regular phishing tests, quizzes, and in-person and online presentations, so everyone can better understand how to keep the house safe.

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Data center security

Our infrastructure is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers geographically spread across the country to ensure the platform is available whenever you need it.



Our cybersecurity program is committed to protecting your data. To ensure we’re meeting industry best practices, the Advisor360° platform is SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) certified annually to demonstrate our commitment to you.