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UK Tax Strategy Statement

Our mission and our approach to tax

Our mission is to build, integrate, and deliver technology for wealth management firms. With approximately 800 employees working across multiple offices around the world, keeping everyone aligned is understandably a challenge. That’s why we’ve created a set of core values to guide us in everything we do—we aim to “lean in,” challenge the status quo, delight our customers, and enjoy the journey of building something meaningful together.

In keeping with our mission and driven by our values, we have set out below our approach to tax for our businesses in the UK as required by Schedule 19 Finance Act 2016. This statement serves to comply with these requirements from the date of publication until otherwise superseded.

We continuously monitor and enhance our tax processes, systems and controls
  • Our tax strategy is determined by the Board of Directors, who delegate implementation to the Director, Tax & Treasury.
  • We operate a control framework through which our staff manages tax risk, supported where necessary by professional advisors.
  • We monitor and enhance our processes through governance meetings to identify, assess, manage and monitor tax risks arising from business transactions and operations.
  • We seek to obtain certainty on our tax position and ensure tax is managed in a way that would not damage our reputation to the detriment of our stakeholders.
We only undertake transactions to support genuine commercial activities
  • We operate within the letter and spirit of the applicable laws and regulations.
  • We pursue efficient tax positions grounded in the commercial reality of our business operations.
  • We seek external professional advice where tax law is unclear or subject to interpretation.
  • We are driven by our values in every decision we make.
We endeavour to manage and minimise risk throughout all areas of our organisation
  • We are an open and transparent business that adopts a low risk approach to tax and readily engages with tax authorities.
  • We seek to establish the tax consequences of commercial transactions before we enter into them, taking advice where necessary from external advisors and where appropriate, seeking confirmation formally or informally from tax authorities.
  • We adopt principles of reasonable care, materiality and full disclosure when preparing our tax filings.
We seek to have a positive and open relationship with all the regulatory bodies we deal with
  • We seek to fully disclose matters concerning our tax affairs to His Majesty's Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”)
  • We conduct ourselves in a collaborative, courteous, and transparent manner when dealing with the tax authorities.
  • We seek early agreement on areas of uncertainty wherever possible and always look to correspond with HMRC in a timely manner.



Policy Summary

Policy Title: UK Tax Strategy Statement

Applicable Region (if any): United Kingdom
Effective Date: 01 October 2023

Policy Owner: Director, Tax & Treasury
Review Date: 01 October 2023

Approved By: Chief Financial Officer
Original Publication Date: 01 October 2023

Revision History

Date: 01 October 2023
Version: 1.0
Description: Initial Publication
Approver: CFO