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Featured webinar: The Future of Wealth Data

Jed Maczuba, February 23, 2022

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See how wealth managers make faster decisions with accurate, up-to-date data

Wednesday, March 2

3:00 P.M.—3:45 P.M.

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The sheer volume of wealth management information and data sources is growing exponentially. How can wealth managers navigate complex data environments to anticipate future events, make good decisions, and communicate effectively without industry-wide data standards?

In The Future of Wealth Data webinar hosted in partnership with the Financial Services Institute, I’ll discuss the challenges of making wealth data consistent across hundreds of sources and ideas on rethinking the data life cycle, including:

  • How to tackle changes of market fluctuations, field force and corporate actions, and onboarding new books of business
  • Why a household view will become an industry standard
  • How increased use of automation and AI will tame data complexity
  • Why data integration will separate the leaders from laggards
  • How advisors will use data and analytics to deepen client relationships

Join me for The Future of Wealth Data webinar

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