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Operating Smarter: AI and the Future of Financial Services

Advisor360°, May 30, 2024

Digital Onboarding
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Webinar recap

  • Great insights begin with clean data
  • The basics of artificial intelligence
  • How to apply AI in your current practice and workflow
  • How C-level executives can use AI to enable their advisors and the back office
  • Best practices to ensure your AI is both secure and private
  • The future of AI and companies developing AI

Webinar details

With AI integration at the forefront of conversation, this webinar is an in-depth discussion surrounding the benefits it can bring to a wealth management firm’s existing workflows and processes.

Throughout boardrooms, casual conversations, and virtual meetings, people are curious to know its long-term security and application and, most importantly, what generative AI means for companies and the job market.


Moderator & presenters

Alois Pirker

Founder & CEO
Pirker Partners

Jed Maczuba

SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Vibhaw Arya

Chief Operating Officer
Shufro Rose

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