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Driving advisor efficiency with our household data model

Darren Tedesco, December 13, 2021

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Our household data model is product agnostic. It brings in wealth data to create an efficient, holistic view for your advisors.

Video transcript

Chip Kispert: Well, a lot of things I always admire about you all is how deep your data goes. Most firms out there, they leave a lot of field data on the cutting room floor. You take that data in and have it there for when it's needed. So I think that's pretty impressive.

Darren Tedesco: Our data is probably the secret sauce we have here, frankly. The software is great and I don't want to dismiss or discount that.

It gets back to what I said earlier, without the great solid data layer, software's a house of cards. And so we convert data in from various systems where there's our portfolio accounting, documents, year-round those come into us. We generally clean them up, normalize them, again, that household data model is really critical to our entire software stack to drive advisor efficiency.

We're really now becoming even industry domain-agnostic, meaning whether it's banking data, whether it's insurance data, whether it's investment data, I really don't care the product types, that all gets normalized into that cleaned up or that consolidated view, that true holistic view of the client.

And when you think about the future, whether it's regulatory or whether it's helping clients and what's in their best interest, you’ve got to have that holistic view. If you don't have that holistic view, how are you going to be able to check either of those boxes? It's rhetorical almost.

Chip: I agree.

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