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FinTech Conversations: Simplifying Client Acquisition

FinTech Conversations: Simplifying Client Acquisition

In this installation of FinTech Conversations, Ben Davis, Sr. Product Manager of Wealth Management at Advisor360°, discusses how our solutions help you manage potential leads and prospects throughout their whole journey into becoming a client. 

What tools does Advisor360° offer to manage leads and prospects? 

Advisor360° has the solutions you need to manage prospects throughout their journey to becoming a client. We accomplish this in a couple of ways. One, it's quick and easy to create a lead or prospect in our system. It could be something as simple as a name, an email address, or a phone number.   

When we create a lead, we are essentially building a record that will be used throughout your client's journey. In terms of productivity, we want to enter data once and then use it as many places as possible. You can keep leads private just for the current advisor. You can share them with staff and other administrative folks, or you can share them with other advisors. Leads can be segmented and managed at the practice level for marketing and tagged based on fit for insurance, planning, or wealth management. That will dictate the workflow that you put them in.   

Additionally, leads you put in Advisor360° can be found on your mobile app and integrated with Outlook. For example, if you're on the road and meet a lead, you can enter them in your contacts. That can then sync directly to Outlook, which links right into Advisor360°'s database. That lead data will be present throughout the entire prospect journey until they become a client and eventually open accounts. 

How does Advisor360° help nurture potential clients?

Leads and prospects don't convert into clients on their own. It takes time and energy, and you may or may not have a process figured out yet. Our workflow tool enables you or your staff to map out a standard operating procedure: 

  • What are the touchpoints?  
  • What is the cadence?  
  • Who is the owner of each check-in?  

It will also help you create a high-quality and consistent experience when talking to your leads and prospects. We can create templates for you to get started on our platform, this way you're not starting from scratch. Once you have your process figured out, you can use it repeatedly.   

Here's an example of a simple workflow: After you meet a lead, step one would be to add them to your CRM system. Maybe a week later, you want to send them a welcome email and relevant educational content. Each one of these steps can have a designated owner and a designated time frame. You're strategically building a history inside your CRM record so you can easily familiarize yourself with each lead. 

Your next step is to add them to your marketing automation tool and invite them to a networking event. Should they become a client, you can even continue in your workflow through the steps that you would need to onboard them as a client. 

To learn more about how Advisor360° helps manage prospects and leads, watch our full LinkedIn Live on advisor productivity and all of the tools we offer that support the entire wealth management lifecycle.  
Ben Davis is a Sr. Product Manager for Wealth Management. Ben has 15 years of experience building tools for financial advisors with a focus on Client Management and Reporting.