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How can firms use our platform and technology to increase advisor satisfaction? Richard N. Hart III of Advisor360° and Nick Diodati of Charles River Development discuss.

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Rich Hart: How do I recruit new advisors? How do I retain my existing advisors? Then how do I do succession planning, you know, for advisors?

And as it relates to our platform and our technology, we think the advisor satisfaction level is really what helps recruit new advisors. And so, you know, when you look at the dynamics in the industry, how do firms grow? They have to bring on new advisors. Right?

And so the trend is to go independent from the wirehouses. But then there's also another trend of retaining existing advisors at our firms. Right? And then focus on the advisor experience and the technology.

We think technology is a huge enabler of recruiting and of advisor satisfaction. And so we are laser focused on bringing that advisor satisfaction level up and up and up through constant innovation and technology.

And it's both the underlying underpinnings of the functionality, but it's also the user interface. We spend a lot of time on design, the wireframes, the workflow, in addition to all of the low-level infrastructure. And we think that helps with recruiting and retention, as well.

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