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All-in-one wealth platforms

Jed Maczuba, May 6, 2022

What’s the difference between an all-in-one and an everything-in-one wealth management platform?

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Video transcript

Jed Maczuba: What you said, Rich, I think is really nuanced but it's really important, is the all-in-one versus the everything-in-one.

All-in-one is a category, so when they rate different FinTech platforms, they put you "are you a point solution for payments or processing? Or are you an all-in-one?" So we're in that category. But when you made the statement “we're not an everything-in-one,” it is because we feel that it's really important to give our clients—the broker-dealers, the banks, the insurance companies—the opportunity to weave together the best solution for their clients, for their advisors, and their investors.