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Data is at the core of the Advisor360° platform

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Advisor360°’s SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Jed Maczuba, discusses how financial advisors can remove the burden of working across multiple wealth management applications with one consistent view of the platforms they use.

Video transcript

Chip Kispert: What are some of the things you all are doing to evolve that data management?

Jed Maczuba: When you think about Advisor360° and the platform that we offer, we talk about it as a unified platform. So we certainly provide from a user experience standpoint, a lot of consistency. Right? It's unified across the different functions. So it's eliminating the “swivel chair” and the “I need to go to this application to do this particular function and another application to do another one.”

So, that's great. That's a big value proposition that our platform has, but the underlying basis of that is the data. So we at Advisor360° see data as the core of the platform. And one of the things that we see as a value proposition for us, and we'll talk a little bit about the Unified Data Fabric™, but our whole application, the platform, is centered upon having high-quality data and so we deal with the same challenges that a lot of firms would deal with and that we have whether it's a DST, AssetMark, the various custodians, the client data, all coming in. We feel that we've solved the problem or at least taken the burden off our clients to figure out how you get all this data, put it together, and make it into a consistent view not just for our platform, but for our clients as well.