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Drive a better client experience with Investor360°

Advisor360°, November 27, 2023

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Our easily configurable client portal, Investor360°, offers real-time holdings, balances, and more, helping clients make informed decisions confidently.
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In today’s digital world, people have become accustomed to time-saving and tailored conveniences that reduce stress in their everyday lives. Needs and expectations have evolved to require greater immediacy and transparency. With legacy technology being phased out and replaced by digital offerings, enterprise wealth management firms cannot afford a disjointed and inefficient financial experience. To build greater trust, advisors need to provide their clients with a single, holistic lens of their complete financial lives. Advisor360°'s client portal, Investor360°, offers real-time holdings and balances of bank accounts, portfolio performance, insurance policies, physical asset tracking, statements, and tax integrations, as well as advanced reporting. With our additional integrations, advisors and clients can review the same data and analytics, collaborating in real time through our securely encrypted messaging and document vault features. Investor360° allows clients to configure and experience what they want, including up-to-date market research, ensuring that they can make informed decisions confidently. Don’t let outdated technology cost your financial advisors clients and limit their growth. Let us help you drive a better client experience. Schedule a demo today.

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