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Financial planning

Investment Management: Seven key steps for financial planning

The seven steps of the financial planning process act as a guide for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and their clients as they engage in the planning process. It ensures that the client’s personal and financial circumstances are understood, allowing the CFP and their client to develop, implement, and monitor a plan that best fits their needs.

7 steps illustration
7 Steps illustration

Current and newly developed Advisor360° features, along with the Unified Data Fabric™, provide workflows and data that are complete and accurate, making these steps much easier to follow.

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Seven-step financial planning process: Step 1


Advisor360°’s Account Aggregation feature—along with our document vault and CRM—will dramatically increase efficiency in understanding your client’s personal and financial goals.

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Seven-step financial planning process: Steps 2–4


With Advisor360°’s Financial Planning and Goals tools, you can identify, select, and analyze your short- and long-term goals. You can develop alternative courses of action and advance them with the Model Management feature.

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Financial Planning LP Blogs Steps 2-4

Seven-step financial planning process: Steps 5–6


Streamline and scale your goal recommendation process using Advisor360°’s goals and proposal reports. Be sure to utilize Digital Onboarding for goal implementation and dive further into the Model Management capability.

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Seven-step financial planning process: Step 7


Advisor360°’s 1-Click Review® feature will save you hours (per client) on reporting on progress and recommending updates and changes, and their secure messaging will keep client communications confidential.

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Step 7 screenshot