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Holistic protection and wealth management for insurance broker-dealers

Advisor360°, December 10, 2021

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Learn how to view a household’s investment, banking, and insurance portfolios seamlessly in one fully consolidated wealth platform.

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Your advisors are looking for an integrated protection and wealth management view to provide personalized recommendations and increase business efficiency and responsiveness. Advisor360° aggregates hundreds of data sources into a single system of record. Get a 360-degree view of investment and banking information, plus insurance products like life, disability, long-term care insurance and annuities, to simplify and streamline wealth and protection planning. Your advisors can see their clients' entire portfolio anytime and from any device.

Advisor360°'s Unified Data Fabric™ consolidates all types of data from hundreds of sources into one layer and allows your advisors to seamlessly combine investment and protection product types into proposals and financial plans and reporting. Reports that used to take hours or days to compile and analyze now take seconds. Bundle favorite reports with 1-click. Clients receive investment and insurance information under a single cover page.

There's more to clients and their loved ones than their policies. They want advisors to help maximize their investment and insurance potential, understand their needs, safeguard what matters most, and guide them through life's possibilities. Help your advisors understand true wealth and protection needs with Advisor360°: the first fully configurable platform to provide a holistic view of households.

Because when advisors understand complete financial lives, they offer personalized recommendations that work better for clients and your business. Contact us for a complete platform overview.

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