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Insurance broker-dealer transformation: navigating a path forward

Advisor360°, February 24, 2023

Insurers seem to have missed a step in how they communicate with clients about financial planning. Technology has democratized wealth management, making financial advice accessible to any household regardless of their investable assets or income amount. “Robo-advisors” offer automated investment solutions; commission-free trading exists for some investment products; and the evolution of planning tools, investment research, and apps have reduced the need for financial advisors for the self-directed types.

Inside the insurance broker-dealer transformation white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The technology hurdles that insurance broker-dealers must overcome to compete as providers of holistic wealth management advice
  • Data’s transformative effect in closing the relationship gap between insurance agents and their clients
  • What to consider when optimizing technology choices for time, cost, and/or scope
  • Three examples of how insurance agents might use Advisor360°’s platform to help clients

Insurance broker-dealer transformation

What’s inside:

  • Page 4: Insurance broker-dealers fell behind in technology investments
  • Page 5: Building a path forward
  • Page 7: Deciding what to optimize when investing in technology
  • Page 8: An integrated data platform makes tough conversations easier
  • Page 8: Scenarios
  • Page 10: To solve for the data disconnect, the time to upgrade is now

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