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How can wealth management firms provide an integrated platform experience for advisors? Richard N. Hart III of Advisor360° and Nick Diodati of Charles River Development discuss.

Video transcript

Nick Diodati: The one thing that we've been talking about within wealth management and technology as a set of providers to the space for as long as I've been in the space—which is a long time now, 25+ years—is delivery of an integrated platform experience, and yet very few folks and platform providers have been able to do that. Why is it different now? What allows organizations to execute against that strategy now? What's different?

Rich Hart: It's the expectations, right? You know, the technology market has driven humongous innovations, right?

You look at the iPhone, what you can do on an iPhone, I can take a picture, I can get my personal email, I can get my work email, I can send texts, I can do everything on that. I have access to a browser. I can shop on Amazon. I can do that all within the palm of my hand.

Expectations have been set for wealth management firms to actually capture that technology trend and that's why now is different, you know, before, maybe you couldn't be able to do it. But with the invention of the cloud and the ability for technologies to compete, the iPhone is really where we need to get to as it relates to wealth management.

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