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The importance of partner ecosystems for all-in-one solutions

Jed Maczuba, March 30, 2022

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You need to weave together the best technology stack for your advisors. Advisor360° Chief Executive Officer Rich Napolitano and Chief Technology Officer Jed Maczuba discuss our approach to helping you leverage your investments.

Video transcript

Jed Maczuba: What you said, Rich, is really nuanced but really important, is the all-in-one versus everything-in-one. And so all-in-one is a category, so when they rate different platforms, FinTech platforms, they put you "are you a point solution for payments or processing, or are you an all-in-one?"

So we're in that category, but when you made the statement, we're not everything-in-one because we feel that it's really important to give our clients (the broker-dealers, the banks, the insurance companies) the opportunity to weave together the best solution for their clients, for their advisors, and for their investors.

And in some cases, it's taking stuff that we built, in other cases, it's taking stuff that they have, whether it's because they've made significant investment in it, whether it's because it's really an advisor-preferred tool. There's a number of reasons why that may want to be the case and our approach is not to replace all that, it is to help our clients leverage the investment.

But going a step further is also that we're going to help do the integration because back to the whole "swivel chair," point one of how you fix that is a unified experience.

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