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Top ten blogs on wealth management and technology

Cynthia Stephens, December 20, 2021

Illustration of technology.

As wealth management firms find innovative ways to connect with clients; create modern digital experiences; and transition to personalized, advice-centric models; FinTech posts can be helpful ways to continually learn.

During the year, we’ve shared our insights as data scientists, wealth management professionals, and enterprise software experts. The following ten blog posts are a round-up of our most popular insights to keep you in the loop.

#10: Developing our unified managed household (UMH) view

It’s an understatement to say the wealth management data landscape is extremely complex. When all this data comes together, it must be mapped and conformed so that it tells an accurate and cohesive story. In this post, Michele Doyle, Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics shares how we make data complexity appear seamless to users. Read more.

#9: What is WealthTech Software “Integration”?

Integration is now ubiquitous in the WealthTech space. Almost every advertisement boasts technology tools that are “fully integrated,” allowing users to have a “seamless experience.” But what does that truly mean? In this post, President Darren Tedesco talks about the need to separate the wheat from the chaff and defines the reality of a truly integrated technology world for financial advisors. Read more.

#8: A Company Has Been Born...

On May 24, something special happened. Our CEO, Rich Napolitano, shares the news about a big event that took place quietly in the sleepy little town of Weston, outside of Boston, MA. A company was born, fully formed and ready to mature and thrive. MassMutual went live on the Advisor360° platform. Rich Napolitano goes on to discuss the current and future opportunities for broker-dealers to transform their businesses through technology. Read more.

#7: Advisor360° Named Among ThinkAdvisor’s LUMINARIES Class of 2021: A Q&A With Our Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics

During the year, we were honored to be among the ThinkAdvisor’s inaugural LUMINARIES Class of 2021—a new award recognizing top-performing wealth management industry participants. In this post, Michele Doyle, Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics shares her views on how enterprise data management helps financial advisors and insurance agents be more successful and how our Unified Data Fabric™ differs from a typical data warehouse. Read more.

#6: Our Cybersecurity Ethos

People are the most important part of any organization. In fact, without well-motivated, trained, and loyal employees, you can’t be successful. In this short video, Advisor360°’s Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Cunningham, talks about our cybersecurity approach and focus to earn clients’ trust. Watch the video.

#5: FinTech Conversations: Communication Challenges of Today’s CISOs—A Discussion with Commonwealth Financial Network CISO Mukund Ravipaty

When it comes to cybersecurity, the threat of a data breach or attack is constant. We saw the need to be creative to avoid our users switching off and ignoring our messages. In this FinTech Conversation, Advisor360°’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Alex Cunningham, and Mukund Ravipaty, CISO of Commonwealth Financial Network, discuss the challenge of celebrating security successes in ways that keep employees engaged and alert. Read more.

#4: Understanding the Role of Insurance in Longevity Planning

We see the urgency around financial and health care planning. One in ten Americans are caring for an aging parent. In this video, Advisor360°’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) and Product Manager for Wealth Management, Patrick Noonan, speaks on how Advisor360° helps insurers and their advisors take the lead in this conversation with a consolidated platform. Watch the video.

#3: Technology is Finally Transforming Insurance

Insurance agents can’t sell financial products they can’t see. This year, the insurance broker-dealers began to revolutionize back office technology so that the front of the house could better safeguard their families’ futures. In this post, Advisor360°’s CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) and Product Manager for Wealth Management, Patrick Noonan, discusses how broker-dealers are changing the insurance experience. Read more.

#2: Six Ingredients for Optimizing the User Experience with Wealth Management Technology

Every day, each of us makes a number of decisions that affect our lives. In making these decisions, says Advisor360°’s President, Darren Tedesco, we attempt to optimize for something. When it comes to technology, one of our core goals is to optimize our users’ time. In this post, Darren Tedesco shares his six ingredients that are essential in creating an amazing user experience. Read more.

#1: FinTech Conversations: The Broker-Dealership

Many of us have experienced technology mistakes. So, it was more important than ever to ask ourselves, “what do we optimize for when we buy new wealth management software?” This FinTech Conversation between President Darren Tedesco and VP, Marketing Cynthia Stephens explores key factors in strategic decision-making. Read more.

Cynthia Stephens is Vice President of Marketing at Advisor360°, developing go-to-market strategies that drive growth for the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms and leading marketing efforts including positioning, content, demand generation, digital, and product marketing.