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Low-code solutions

Jed Maczuba, May 13, 2022

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Jed Maczuba, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, describes the benefits of digital onboarding’s low-code approach.

Video transcript

Jed Maczuba: The businesses that we support are really complicated and they have custom logic that needs to be implemented. So the question becomes, how do you use technology to do that so you're not creating one-off solutions for each customer?

And that's something that we've done particularly recently; I'll give you an example around digital onboarding, which is really the account opening process. We recreated a low-code solution that we implemented ourselves to actually implement digital onboarding. And why did we do that? Because each client has slightly unique requirements around what's required to process the different signatures, different documents, that need to be filled out. It's a different process.

So we offer our clients the ability to say they get what they want but without going with how customization used to be done in the past.

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