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Four trends in advisor-client communications

Cynthia Stephens, January 31, 2022

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These short videos explain how you can help advisors work productively with their clients

Any good marketer will tell you: truly understanding your clients’ needs is essential in creating meaningful and lasting connections. This is true for B2B and B2C businesses alike. But developing this deep understanding isn’t something that you do once and then put on a shelf.

The same holds true for wealth management firms and their advisors. If your advisors are well into their careers and have a mix of veteran and millennial clients, they have witnessed important shifts in client needs driven partly by the aging U.S. population, technology advances, and more recently, the COVID pandemic.

Below are four of our newest videos with insights on changing advisor-client relationships to help your advisors stay relevant. Each is less than 2 minutes long, so grab a coffee and spend your break with Advisor360°.

Video #1: 1-Click Reviews®: Learn how to save time preparing for client meetings

A recent blog post on how portfolio reporting can help you prep for client meetings discusses the amount of time an average advisor spends preparing for client meetings. Prepping for meetings shouldn’t be this hard with the digital wealth management technologies currently available. 1-Click Reviews from Advisor360° are report packages that users build and then run with one click of a mouse (or tap of the screen). Watch the video.

Video #2: Improving communication with advisors’ clients

It’s important to be proactive when it comes to maintaining healthy advisor-client relationships. In this video, Advisor360°’s President, Darren Tedesco, speaks with Chip Kispert from Beacon Strategies on the biggest shift he anticipates in the next five years on using data to control a workflow that creates effective, timely discussions between advisors and clients. Watch the video.

Video #3: Equipping advisors with a world class client portal

It’s no secret that clients want to communicate with their wealth advisors on their own time, any time. Discerning advisors need to have the latest tools to stay relevant and keep their clients. In this video, Advisor360°’s President, Darren Tedesco, discusses how a world class client portal lets your advisors seamlessly connect with their clients using compliant text messaging and mobile apps. Watch the video.

Video #4: Giving advisors an edge in managing client relationships

Advisors in today’s wealth management firms need to balance managing client relationships across both large and small clients. The question is how do you do that effectively? Advisor360°’s President, Darren Tedesco, shares his thoughts on how technology, as an extension of the advisor, helps to maintain relationships of all sizes. Watch the video.

You’ll find nearly a dozen other videos in our Resource Center. Spend your next coffee break with Advisor360° and get caught up on evolving advisor-client relationships and digital wealth management trends.

Cynthia Stephens is Vice President of Marketing at Advisor360°, developing go-to-market strategies that drive growth for the company’s Software as a Service (SaaS) wealth management platform. As head of marketing, she leads all marketing efforts including positioning, content, demand generation, digital, and product marketing.